How to remove Randoms from your pictures

It’s happened to everyone. You take the perfect picture but it’s ruined by some randoms standing in the middle of it. This is especially common in popular tourist areas where people gather together in front of your subject and make it almost impossible to get a clear shot. If only you could edit them out of it somehow, right?

It’s possible and easier than you think.


First off curb your expectations. It’s only doable with certain scenery. It just won’t work for some situations, but when it does, it’s pretty sweet knowing you’ve saved a picture that would’ve otherwise been ruined.

Remove randoms
Same photo. Before and After


It only takes a few minutes and you can do it all on your phone while riding a bus or waiting for your plane to take off.

There are many different ways to remove randoms. Here’s what I find the easiest and most convenient for me.

The app I use is called “Snapseed” and its free for both iPhone and Android. With a few swipes of your finger, you can remove people from your photos and make it look like they were never there to begin with. Once you have it downloaded, open the picture that you want to edit. Click on the middle button at the bottom of the screen that says “Tools”. Then click on the “Healing” tool. You will most likely need to zoom in, which is done by spreading your fingers apart on the picture and zooming in. Carefully touch the people or objects you want to make disappear. From there it’s pretty intuitive and self explanatory. Before you know it your photobombed pictures will be ready to use.





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