Post Processing for Instagram while Travelling

Never underestimate the power of post processing. All your favorite instagrammers do it, and you should to. A quick edit can turn an average picture into an eye catching shot.



Every serious photographer will tell you to use Lightroom. But travellers like myself don’t always have a laptop with them and still want to connect and post regularly while on the road. Personally I choose to travel without my laptop because it’s bulky, and I don’t want to risk losing it or breaking it. I travel as light as possible and only bring the bare essentials with me.


My camera has WiFi on it so I can upload pictures directly to my iPhone. These are the apps I use for post processing while I’m travelling.

All of them are Free.


VSCO for filters. I rarely, if ever, use Instagrams filters. I find they degrade the overall quality of the photo when its uploaded. VSCO has more selection and keeps the pictures clean. I usually apply the filter at about 20-30%. I use them lightly so it doesn’t overwhelm the photo and just gives it a slightly different look.

Lightroom Mobile for Vibrance, Highlights, and Shadows. These can completely change the look of a photo. Vibrance makes your colors pop. Highlights bring skies to life. Turning up Shadows can be like turning on a light in the dark.

Snapseed for cleaning up pictures. It’s hard to ever get perfect pictures without any clutter in the background. Snapseed’s “Healing” function will allow you to clean up a lot of background mess. Look at the picture at the top, take notice of the ropes in the top picture. They look messy, but in the bottom picture, they’re gone. It took me about 10 seconds to get rid of them with Snapseed


Before / After

Same picture, different result.

Above is another example of Snapseed editing. Sometimes you just want a simple landscape but its impossible to get a clean shot because other tourists are in the way. You can’t ask them or expect them to move just for your picture. A couple minutes with Snapseed, and you can turn that picture with a few random strangers into a cleaner shot.


Sometimes I only use one app, sometimes I use all three. It depends on the picture and what I’m trying to do. Hopefully this write-up helped you in some way and you can apply it to your own Instagram.

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